4 Best Platforms To Learn Cyber Security

Best platforms to learn cyber security with a wide range of inventions and innovations of technology coming to the world through the internet. Many understand the importance of security across the internet and with this, a large collection of courses are placed on different platforms to try and educate people on how to protect their devices from malicious attacks.

There are several security flaws on the internet, and being able to spot and fix them is an important skill that can help you avoid leaking out sensitive data to unauthorized access. If you are looking for some of the best ways you can learn about cybersecurity, then this article should help you find the best platforms to learn cyber security online.

Best Platforms To Learn Cyber Security

Below, we will take a look at some of the best platforms to learn cyber security. Here’s the deal:

Best Platforms To Learn Cyber Security


StationX is one of the best places you can get courses on cybersecurity for beginners. The platform provides a membership plan which you can purchase to get your hands on a wide range of courses including penetration testing, ethical hacking, and more to initiate and build their security skills using to its potential.

Best Platforms To Learn Cyber Security

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If you are familiar with the Coursera platform, you will know they live up to their name and provide amazing courses to help people learn new skills online. The platform offers up to 4 entry-level courses that you can learn from based on your knowledge which is free but to get certified under Coursera would be paid for.

Best Platforms To Learn Cyber Security


You can also use edX when you need to learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity. The platform provides university accredited courses in a wide range which is also free but would be paid to get certified.

Harvard Cyber Security

Although the platform is a bit expensive, it is known for offering some of the best courses for cybersecurity that teach all about attack types, risks, and mitigation strategies. Cyber security is an operation management course in Harvard University for the student to enroll and learn what it takes to prevent your devices from unauthorized access.



Learning all about cybersecurity is very crucial. This sets you up for any kind of malicious attack and allows you to protect digital systems from data leaks. The above article provides insights into some of the best platforms to learn cyber security online. Good luck!


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