Best Techniques For Drone Photography in Nigeria

Drone photography in Nigeria has always experienced one form of evolution every year. Today, the field of photography has evolved into being one of the many industries that make use of drones. Yes, drones have started playing a huge role in the way photos and videos are taken across the globe. As a Nigerian, understanding the ins and outs of using drones to make photography can greatly influence your success chances.

In this article, we will take a look at a few techniques you can put into play as you dive into drone photography in Nigeria. By knowing this, you get to spend more time on things that matter and allow yourself to avoid mistakes.

drone photography in nigeria

Techniques To Use For Drone Photography in Nigeria

Of course, Drone Photography in Nigeria is now being practiced and used by several photography experts in the industry. In case you are new to the game, then the below guide should come in handy in ensuring you equip yourself with a better sense of efficiency.
Here’s the deal:

Use Automatic Mode
Most photographers tend to make use of manual mode when shooting. However, when you switch to using your drone to shoot, it is recommended you adopt a different kind of mode. In this case, the automatic mode is sure to come in handy. Handling the exposure controls at automatic mode is best for beginners. After getting used to it, you can decide to try out the manual.

Don’t Fly Too High
Flying too high with your drone is not as bad as it seems. However, you don’t want to mess up your photos by making them appear so high. Unless you want your photos looking like they were taken from a satellite, maintaining a moderate height for your photography is the best thing to do.

Apply Filters
Filters added an extra feel to your photos. When shooting with your drone, applying filters will improve the visual appeal you get from your shots.

Get Extra Power
Usually, drone batteries tend to last up to 30 minutes. If you are planning on shooting for a longer period or multiple times in a day, taking a few extra batteries with you will surely come in handy.


Drone photography in Nigeria is one of the leading sectors of the industry that has experienced a large level growth level. Growing your skills with this is a great idea. Luckily, the above guide should fill you in on some of the most recommended techniques you can use to achieve this.


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