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How To Stop My Phone From Being Tracked

To stop your phone from being tracked having the location technology in smartphones which is an awesome feature, This comes in handy most especially when going to a new restaurant or the nearest malls which you have never heard of. In fact, it also helps people to retrieve information about their whereabouts, and sometimes, these people are not comfortable with that. In this article, I will show you how to stop my phone from being tracked

How To Stop My Phone From Being Tracked


  • Open your phone’s Settings > Location, you can find this option by scrolling down the menu.
  • Select “Google location history” and choose your preferred or the personal mail you don’t want being tracked

Stop my phone from being tracked

  • It takes you to the next screen which shows your mail activity controls. Turn off the “Location History” and a dialogue box should pop up letting you agree to terms of Google, click “Pause”.

Doing this stops Google from tracking your device. Having done this, Google will still have your past activities, and here’s how to delete them.

To Delete Your Past Activities

  • After pausing your Location History, scroll down and select “Manage Activities”. It opens up your chrome browser (or any other browser on your device) showing you your location history.
  • Tap the Trash icon and the dialogue box should appear to confirm you are deleting your location history. Tick the box and “Delete Location History

Stop my phone from being tracked

And there you have it.

Your phone would not be tracked by Google. You can also delete your location data on your pc through Google Maps


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