Solar Fridge And Refrigerator In Nigeria

Nigeria as a country has a very poor rate of power supply which the citizens have to depend highly on another source of power to generate light to their home or offices. Moreover, most homes in the country do not power on their fridge or Refrigerator due to low standard light which means all foods, fruits, and drinks couldn’t be preserved well, here I’ll show you a solar fridge and refrigerator in Nigeria

Solar Fridge And Refrigerator In Nigeria

Solar Fridge and Refrigerator in Nigeria are heavy powered electric accessories that cannot be powered with a weak power source, they are of different sizes and types but here I am going to make things convenient for you and your home by recommending to you solar fridge and refrigerator in Nigeria.

Have you ever think of getting a solar-powered refrigerator? That could be powered with a 650VA electric generator or solar energy generated from the sun, yes they exist.

This Refrigerator/freezer is often comfortably powered using an 80W solar array. The refrigerator features a built-in inverter that converts the DC current from the solar array to AC current required by the interior components of the refrigerator. You can now have your drinks chilled and your foods preserved anytime with public light or not (NEPA). You’ll even have your food fresh.

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These Refrigerators also can be powered by employing an automobile battery having enough power that could charge up to 12V. The merchandise features a DC terminal that makes this possible. The built-in inverter then converts the DC input to AC. A totally charged 12V 90 amperes automobile battery can power these refrigerators for up to 3 days and run. These freezers from the onset were designed with Nigeria in mind. You’ll charge your battery whenever the general public power supply is out there or together with your solar array.

These Refrigerators are energy efficient they will be comfortably powered employing a low power generator (I better pass my neighbor). By now it should be clear to you that this product is often powered employing a public power supply.

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