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Whatsapp Dark Mode On Android, IOS and PC

Whatsapp dark mode is an exciting feature in the social media community millions of people are expecting to get on their various devices. And finally, co. founder of WhatsApp has officially released WhatsApp dark mode support for all devices, and here is how to turn your light WhatsApp to dark.

How to Use Whatsapp Dark Mode

whatsapp dark mode


Here is a few tip and trick to enable the WhatsApp Dark Mode for your Android device.

  • Open Whatsapp and select SettingsĀ you can find this option at the top-right corner of your device.
  • Choose Chats, right under the Display category you will see the Theme option.
  • Select Dark to switch your WhatsApp theme to Dark Mode

There your Whatsapp theme would become dark which is cool right? The suitable option is the System Default. Users running on the latest version of Android give WhatsApp the ability to turn dark when your device dark theme is activated, moreover, you can manually activate the WhatsApp dark mode from your settings if using an older version of Android OS.

WhatsApp Dark Mode


IOS also have the full support of dark mode which is easy to activate, with your device on the latest version of ios if your phone is switched to dark mode WhatsApp automatically goes dark and you can manually do this by going to your WhatsApp settings > Chats > Theme > Dark and enjoy your chats.

WhatsApp Dark Mode


Whatsapp dark mode on isn’t it fascinating? on your PC you can make WhatsApp dark-themed and here is how. Download Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and the Whatsapp dark theme (Script).


  • Open Chrome browser and download the Stylus chrome extension from the chrome web store
  • Download the WhatsApp dark theme here and click “Install Style
  • open web WhatsApp to see your dark theme activated


There you will get WhatsApp dark mode activated on both chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

Turn Off / On Dark Mode on PC

Tap on the Stylus icon at the top-right corner of your browser, select “Turn All Styles off” and can also “Turn it On” following the same procedure.


Here are ways to get the dark mode activated on all devices. The web-based dark theme doesn’t improve readability in the day neither does it make it worse but it reduces eye strain.



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